Life is a Journey

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This blog tells the story of who we were and are now, how we got to the now and how we continue to become.

Sometimes in the middle of trying to keep up with our lives, we forget. We concentrate on getting to the next big thing, but in thinking too much about our goals, we let experiences in our lives slip by. We forget to hold and savor them before we move on. Our experiences, especially little ones and the ones we don’t like–we forget; they make us who we are.

Story Giver LLC poetry, stories, photos and art are snapshots of experiences along the journey to help us remember who we are. They are vehicles we ride to find our meaning.

“We all have the capacity to become who we are meant to be.”

The writings and many of the photos are my work. I include pieces from writers and artists whose works have touched my journey and left a richness I otherwise would have been without.

I am committed to offering at least one new piece of writing several times a month. You can find what’s new right here by looking through the Writings section, or you can go to my Facebook page, Story Giver LLC Community.

I also offer workshops to help people develop their creative, spiritual sides.
Topics include

  • Journaling
  • Working with your dreams
  • Thinking creatively
  • Finding & using your personal symbols