“It’s when we’re given choice that we sit with the gods and design ourselves.”
–Dorothy Gilman (1923-2012) author, from her book Caravan.

Sarah Logan - author & speakerI have written and kept journals for much of my life, starting with dream journals as a teenager. Recently, I’ve decided to share what I write. My hope is that my stories, photos and poetry will encourage us all on our journeys of becoming.

I am passionate about finding the beauty in the world — in people and nature as well as in what people create, but most of all in people. Life is precious and needs to be treated consciously and reverently.

I’ve had many lives: As a music teacher — private and at a music store, as a junior high and high school teacher of English and mathematics, a college tutor, a university lecturer of psychology, an institutional assessment and accreditation official in higher ed, a loan representative, and a sales associate in a retail store. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with majors in English and mathematics, a Master of Science in counseling psychology, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology (concentration in Cognition). Most of that does not matter.

What matters is who we are and who we are meant to become.