Behind the Stories: Websites of Symbols

I use a number of interesting websites when I write. I thought some of you might be interested in looking through them on your own. My style of writing can be called visionary, mystic, new age, metaphysical and spiritual. I write to encourage others towards personal transformation.

My characters seek to improve their understanding of their place and purpose in the universe in order to improve their lives and the lives of people with whom they come in contact. Therefore, many of the websites are about symbols, chakras, creative use of numbers (numerology), and religions/ philosophies. I Google everything (Who doesn’t!) and use Wikipedia a lot, too, as well as sites that provide meanings of names. I’ll not get into a discussion of incorrect info on the web. We all know it’s there. So, I check several sources.

The websites are listed below with short descriptions. I am not the best at making live links, so we’ll see what happens!

Links to Good Stories

Visionary Fiction Alliance for writers and readers
Goodreads A general reading site

There are many really good sites. These are just some of my favorites.

General site Avia also has a blog where you can get more-in-depth information. She always has something positive to say.
Another good, general site

Again, some of my favorites Information about individual numbers and number sequences. Joanne also blogs. . This site gathers information from many sources. This one has astrological components. It also includes links on related topics.