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new novel just out …The Paths Home

The Paths Home: A Journey of Becoming was just published and is available on Amazon. Search Paths Home Logan or go to

Cory Waters is caretaker of a special place, an estate where totem animals—spiritual guides—come to renew their spirits. Cory knows there is a much larger and divinely given purpose for his life. With the help of his animals, he seeks to discover his higher calling and to find his place in the universe. As Cory journeys into the wilderness of his heart and his soul, he uncovers his hidden truths and journeys ever closer to his spiritual home. He discovers unexpected and wondrous parts of himself that he had no idea existed or could exist. He learns how to keep what is important, while finding ways to change, to venture into the new—to become. As Cory likes to say, “Everyone has the capability inside them to do what they are meant to do, to become who they are meant to be, and to offer their particular talents.” read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch 14

joes-decisionCHAPTER 14: Joe’s Decision

Joe sat at the edge of their campsite and watched pinks and golds transform the sky. He’d awakened early, not from the nightmare—he hadn’t had it again and knew he wouldn’t have it again, ever. He’d gotten up early to think, to plan the next part of his life. The two weeks were up. Through the tent’s open flap, he could just see Laura still buried in her sleeping bag. They were within a few hours of Mer des Sophie and turning the canoe in and … It was that “and” that stopped Joe. He knew what he should do—go back to work—but he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay with what he was finding, not just things like the feather bag, but the … he didn’t know what to call it except that he felt more whole and alive than he’d ever felt. He also wanted to stay with Laura. He looked back at her, now completely invisible in the depths of the bag. He then scanned the brightening sky and tried to concentrate on his purpose. The big question is, Why should I stay? For me because I need what I’m finding on this trip? For Laura because she needs my help? Or because I need what she brings to my life? Or, all the above? Or, all the above and something more? A purple butterfly flitted through his thoughts. I’m staying for the purple butterfly, thought Joe in surprise. As he thought about the butterfly, Joe could feel the amethyst “glow” was the only word that came close. He also got the impression that the old man was smiling and nodding his head. Feeling a combination jolt and flutter in his chest, Joe thought, Okay, decision made.  His heart did a somersault. Unexpected and surprising, it also felt so right. All that’s left is to tell Laura. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch. 13

CHAPTER 13: The Shallockshallock1

After choosing sides of the bed and settling in, they decided to start when they woke up, whenever that might be. Night bugs, crickets and cicadas hummed. The night cooled and sent its stillness in through the open windows. Laura, sleeping soundly, was not at first aware that Joe was in trouble. Having slept alone for years, without even a cat or dog, she always slept soundly and now only slowly became aware of his restlessness. As she awoke, she realized it was more than restlessness. Enough moonlight filtered through that she had no need to turn on a lamp. She sat up and turned towards him. She felt his anguish before she saw he was curled up as he had been in yesterday’s nap, but this was different. He was holding onto himself, not from cold, but as if he might fly apart if he let go. He rolled her direction, and she saw the torment on his face. She wasn’t sure what he might do if she touched him. So, she gently whispered, “shh, shh, shh,” but did not yet call his name. read more

CHAPTER 12: The Cost of Happinesshappiness

“I’m really looking forward to this,” Laura said turning towards Joe. She paused and added, “Oh, you aren’t so much. I can tell. I’m sorry,” she added, swallowing hard.

“No, it’s okay,” said Joe. “I’m just used to things being more uh, not reliable, uh, predictable, that’s the word I want.” He looked into her upturned face and smiled. “It’s okay; really.”

“I guess I just kind of like to see how things flow and either go with them or not as I want to,” explained Laura, though as she thought about it, that wasn’t much of an explanation. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch. 11

CHAPTER 11: Loggermanymermaid

Joe left his arm around Laura long enough to realize she was much preferable to his former cat. He couldn’t tell what she thought about it though and released her. He thought maybe she was upset with him until she smiled up at him shyly. “Let’s see what this metropolis has to offer,” he said, and the spell that had been forming broke.

Wandering down the sidewalk back past the café, they poked their heads into several shops. Passing up shops selling bait and t-shirts and swimwear, they stopped for ice cream and then at a shop offering seashells. Unlike the shops around it, The Mermaid had a quality of surreal art. The front window’s backdrop mimicked the ocean. Thin strips of sheer material in blues and turquoises extended the length of the window and undulated in an unseen breeze. Fronting the ocean, an array of invisibly suspended shells and star-shaped crystals rocked gently in the currents. Front and center, like in the Sea Biscuit’s front door, was a sand dollar, but this one, white and puffy like a pastry, stood out amidst the many colored shells around it. The base of the display was sand and rocks. On the largest rock, a mermaid with outstretched arms beckoned. No lump of garishly painted concrete, she was as exquisite as a Greek statue or a piece by Michelangelo. Laura and Joe stood transfixed and allowed the window’s magic to seep into them and move them. Finally, one of them said, “Want to go in?” “Yes,” the other replied. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch 10

CHAPTER 10: The Riverloggermany

“You’re glad you came on this crazy trip?” asked Laura in wonder.

“Yah,” said Joe “I am. I think getting to the river is going to be an easy trip this morning,” he called over his shoulder as he picked up his pace.

Laura, seemingly rooted in place, stared after him. His shoulders seemed broader, his stride more confident. That must have been some nap. She wished she could have gotten one and hurried to catch up. After about an hour, they could see the river, not as a ribbon at the horizon but as their quickly approaching destination. “Can we get a real breakfast?” she asked. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch 9

CHAPTER 9: Rendezvous


Camping by Jacob Sechter. and instagram @jgsechte

“This is worth sleeping on the ground for,” said Joe as he watched the light moving across the gardens, changing colors and patterns and in changing them, changing the meaning. It was as if a code was being signaled to those who could read it. Joe wished he were one of those readers. Laura simply sat transfixed. When the clouds finally obliterated the early evening light and the gardens were shadowed, Laura pulled out a candle and placed it in the entrance. They simply sat. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow Ch 8

CHAPTER 8: RubaiyatRubaiyat

All Laura could think of was the first lines of Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat.

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter’d into flight 
The Stars before him from the Field of Night, 
Drives Night along with them from Heav’n, and strikes 
The Sultan’s Turret with a Shaft of Light. 

But that wasn’t really correct. It wasn’t dawn and there wasn’t a turret, but there were shafts of light. They came through the trees and drew one’s attention to a flower here, a rock there. Taken together, they seemed to make a pattern of their own that encompassed all the beds and rockeries. Laura wondered if birds and tree-dwelling animals could see a complete pattern and what they made of it and what pattern it made. She wondered what it looked like at different times of the day. Joe was enthusiastically showing her the genius of the design and how the various beds complemented one another, how the color pallet moved through the spectrum and the textures added to the meaning of a particular hue. Laura smiled uncomprehendingly, but again she enjoyed seeing Joe so animated. He was now explaining how a small rock garden with little color acted as a transition from the cool colors that preceded it to the warmer ones that came after. “Oh, like the sorbet course,” she said being much more attuned to dinners in 19th century novels than to gardens. Joe looked at her with one raised eyebrow but otherwise ignored her comment and continued his tour, Laura in tow. Meghan seemed to enjoy watching them interact both with her garden and with each other. That made Laura just a little uncomfortable. Joe was a friend. Nothing more, but Meghan seemed to think otherwise. read more