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new novel just out …The Paths Home

The Paths Home: A Journey of Becoming was just published and is available on Amazon. Search Paths Home Logan or go to

Cory Waters is caretaker of a special place, an estate where totem animals—spiritual guides—come to renew their spirits. Cory knows there is a much larger and divinely given purpose for his life. With the help of his animals, he seeks to discover his higher calling and to find his place in the universe. As Cory journeys into the wilderness of his heart and his soul, he uncovers his hidden truths and journeys ever closer to his spiritual home. He discovers unexpected and wondrous parts of himself that he had no idea existed or could exist. He learns how to keep what is important, while finding ways to change, to venture into the new—to become. As Cory likes to say, “Everyone has the capability inside them to do what they are meant to do, to become who they are meant to be, and to offer their particular talents.” read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow Ch. 4

Chapter 4: … Going … Gone

What a peaceful, quiet place, Laura thought, only the birds and the faint tinkle of a wind chime. She was looking out the window at the back and side yards. Joe had a number of mature trees, which blended seamlessly with the woods that surrounded much of his property. She liked the cozy feel and the glorious colors of all his flowers. Her cottage had that cozy feel, too. She didn’t have as many trees, but her cottage was closer to the woods, so it didn’t matter, and she had the window boxes and flowering shrubs to add more color. She felt a stab of regret as she thought about what she had left and had a momentary wish to run back first to the bank to ask Mr. Collier for the papers back and then to the realtor to tell her to forget the whole thing. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow Ch. 3

Chapter 3: …Going

About 1 a.m. they were both exhausted and swimming with sleepiness. Both their minds were reeling though for different reasons. “I have a guest room,” Joe said. “You don’t have to sleep on the sofa.” He led her to a cozy room under the eaves. “Bath’s off to the right over there.” He looked at her tiny traveling bag and teased, “You have a toothbrush in there?” When he saw her expression, he shook his head, an amused look on his face. “You’ll find one in the medicine cabinet. Extra towels and blankets are in the dresser. Get some sleep and don’t worry about having to get up at a particular time. I’ll be here. I took the day off.” read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch 2

Chapter 2: Joe

Stories of lifeShe could no longer see the porch candle and night was coming on and with it the realization of what she’d done and where would she stay tonight, at Joe’s was her plan, but maybe Joe wouldn’t be home and she wouldn’t have the nerve to just go in if he weren’t though she knew he wouldn’t mind and what if he was home but wasn’t happy to see her and what if he already had company and what if he thought she was as nuts as Kate thought she was and what if what if what if. To calm herself, she thought about her friendship with Joe. Though she considered him one of her best friends, he was the only one she’d not had a chance to tell about her plan. He often worked out of town, out of the area really, designing and installing grand landscapes for businesses and people who could afford him, and she never knew when he might have a few minutes to chat. Because of his schedule, they only talked occasionally on the phone. When they did, or when they were at a party together, he was great company—funny and warm, relaxed and congenial. Nothing much seemed to bother Joe, well most of the time. He had his bad days like everyone does, but he seemed to know the secret of letting things go. He was so uncomplicated. Being a woman and being friends with a guy is so much easier than being friends with other women, she thought philosophically to herself. That was one of the things she enjoyed most, Joe’s straight forwardness and uncomplicatedness. He also had a lot of wisdom. It took a beer and a quiet space to draw it gently out of him, but he had a lot of depth. Laura so hoped he’d be home and glad to see her and be alone so they could talk. read more

The Colors of Shadows on Snow: Ch 1

Sarah Michaela Logan

A story of pasts and presents, choices and change. A story of how we become.

“ ‘changes do happen, but they are subtle. You don’t need to be able to see how they do. You just need to see that they do.’
‘I’ll keep walking.’
‘Good. That’s what I need you to do.’ ”   Sarah Logan from Ombre by Sarah Logan

Chapter 1: Leaving Home

lanternLaura looked fondly back at her cottage. She’d spent so long making it what she wanted it to be: charming, cozy, bright, well cared for, and loved. And now, and now she was simply walking away. The key at the realtor’s, the papers with Mr. Collier at the bank, and a note on the hall table: read more