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You will not shake your head,

refusing to stretch out your hand.

You will not ask, What is it?


You will again believe

in your innocence and joy,

And when I walk up to you,

my hand closed around a treasure,

you will extend a trusting palm,

And I will drop into it

my heart.


My father tried to show me the planets and stars.
See, just there. It looks like a dipper.
Follow where I’m pointing. No, a little to your right.
Yes, the telescope is adjusted properly.

But, I couldn’t see the pictures they supposedly made.

I tried to show my father the faces in trees.
See, just there. No, up a bit.
That’s just the leaves, the way the sunlight filters through them.
See, it’s gone now that the sun has moved.
How else can you see unless something shows it to you, I wondered?
There’s no such thing as a face in a tree. read more

A Double Haiku

Fluttering branches:
We call it the wind,

a natural phenomenon.
How silly. Rather, spirits

moving through the trees.

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Two Worlds

You crows
You navigate the storm
Your wings tilting, the landing may not be
Noteworthy except that you landed at all.

You weren’t pushed to the ground
Oh, no, not you.
The wind almost does your bidding
And the pelting sleet sings harmony with you.

Not a dry nest for you,
You choose the top of the branch
Where wind buffets.

Feathers drenched
You laugh, cawing into the rain
Why not choose the fur tree?
Sit near the trunk where it’s calmer
If not a bit warmer?

I check my window again.
You’ve been out there an hour.
You enjoy this? Don’t you?
You, in the middle of the maelstrom. read more


written April 1978, updated 2016 (This may be my only rhyming poem.)

Like a deepening stream, a new life unfolds.
Pebbles shifting at the bottom expose the gold.
Waters growing deeper run clean and clear and
Wash out the sediment that collects from each year.
Dancing on the surface, a rainbow of Love,
A spirit of shining brilliance is reflected from above.

Like the taste of sweet, cold water that lingers in the mouth,
This new life brings renewal as after a long drought.
I see it running steadily on to vaster, deeper regions
‘Til soon its waters pouring forth make up a mighty ocean.
Nothing now can stop the surge of its far-reaching tide:
This little stream becoming great if in its Source it will abide. read more


Every new beginning: the candle flame.
The dharma blossom:
genesis, the circle, the sphere,
the sun, the arrow, the crown.
Everything connected; everything One:

one source, one cosmic order
but many ways within.
Many paths throughout: shifting,
crossing, doubling back.

To repeat something in exactly
the same way to get the same
result each time is a task
only a few are up to attempting.

Take up your challenges with faith–
cross, shift, double back, leave
sameness to those who can handle it–
Trust that what is cosmic is also within you. read more