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How To Be a Hero

Quests and Fairy Tales revolt around the idea of a person stepping up to volunteer to undertake a task others find difficult, maybe even impossible. Often the person is sought by a group. Sometimes the person feels called and simply shows when and where s/he is needed.

Anyone can grow into being a hero. Here’s how.

Steps in quest stories

A disaster strikes: this can be anything from war to general unsettledness.

A hero is needed: someone who can solve the problem, get things back on track, turn things around. read more

new novel just out …The Paths Home

The Paths Home: A Journey of Becoming was just published and is available on Amazon. Search Paths Home Logan or go to

Cory Waters is caretaker of a special place, an estate where totem animals—spiritual guides—come to renew their spirits. Cory knows there is a much larger and divinely given purpose for his life. With the help of his animals, he seeks to discover his higher calling and to find his place in the universe. As Cory journeys into the wilderness of his heart and his soul, he uncovers his hidden truths and journeys ever closer to his spiritual home. He discovers unexpected and wondrous parts of himself that he had no idea existed or could exist. He learns how to keep what is important, while finding ways to change, to venture into the new—to become. As Cory likes to say, “Everyone has the capability inside them to do what they are meant to do, to become who they are meant to be, and to offer their particular talents.” read more

The Beauty in Being Broken

[This is a new version of the first story I published on StoryGiverLLC.]

A perfect afternoon for a stroll. She grabbed her keys and, leaving her phone at home, she looked both directions from her front door before deciding to walk down to the park. It was less than a mile, but the walk might clear her head and relax her body. She looked at the trees and sky. Weather at the beginning of summer was always so weird. Some days felt blistering while others seemed more like fall. Today had more of a fall feel: warm sun, cool breeze. Some flowers were blooming while others seemed to be deciding if they should. Much like people. Some bloom no matter what is going on in their lives. She wasn’t one who bloomed easily. read more

The Task: Part 4

They awoke to a shock of thunder that vibrated the cottage. Going to the door, Joel listened a moment to assure himself it was only thunder and not a person with ill intent. Satisfied, he opened the door to a dark day but just a sprinkle of rain. He dressed in his now dry clothes. “I’m going to check the underbrush and the lean-to.”

“I’m going with you,” said Noella scrambling to get her cloak before Joel went out alone.

He was about to say there was no need when he saw the resolve on her face and shrugged. He grabbed his stick. When they got to the side yard, Joel looked around. “I think I was about here when I saw the glint. No, I was more this way.” He moved closer to the pump. Nothing showed itself in the gray light. He shook his head and started towards the lean-to. read more

The Task: Part 3

The Task Part 3

The sun was setting when Joel knocked on the door and took Noella back to the stables with him. The inn keeper had given him enough supper for them both. They ate and were full for the first time since leaving. The horses got quiet. Joel put a finger to his lips and crept silently to the door and listened. When he came back, he said quietly, “No one is supposed to arrive tonight, and it’s quiet outside, but I don’t want to talk loudly in case someone is nearby.”

Noella nodded. read more

The Task: Part 2

Although the rain ended during the night, swift clouds still scudded across a dark sky. Noella was glad for the hood on her cloak. They walked near the edge of the woods until they heard the echo of a hunting horn. Joel put up a hand and listened carefully, scanning the trees and sky, as he did so.

“They’re a distance from here,” he said, “but I don’t want to chance it.” He gestured towards the woods and started that direction. They reached the safety of the trees and stopped. “I’m glad your cloak is dark. A bright color would stand out, especially out in the open. I think we need to stick to the woods for a while.” read more

Remember Your Dreams: A Practical Guide

I sometimes hear people say, “I don’t dream.” Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers them. There are several things you can do to help you remember. They fall into the categories of priming your unconscious, how to fall asleep, and recording.

Priming Yourself

If you do not remember your dreams at all, during the day, idly think about things you would like to dream about. Actually, just start daydreaming in general. If you can remember some images, let thoughts of them flit through your conscious mind. Either way, don’t dwell too much on details. read more

The Task: A Fairy Tale in Four Parts: Part 1

“We’re friends, right?” asked Noella.

“Sure, yah,” said Joel wondering why she was asking.

“Good friends?”

“I thought so. Where are you going with this?”

“I need to do something, and I need your help.”

“Okay, you know you just have to ask.”

“It’s not that kind of favor.”

They were sitting by the fountain in the little courtyard behind the manor. Noella knew no one would bother them there. They were allowed to enjoy the back gardens, and it was their lunch time. She unwrapped the sandwich she’d brought, and tearing it in half, handed one part to Joel. She watched him take a bite. read more