The workshops are designed for one-hour sessions. I can customize them to include special topics or extended time. Activities are interactive. Materials are provided but participants are encouraged to bring a journal or writing tablet with them.

  • Groups: prices depend on the group’s special needs. Email or call me for pricing.
  • Interested individuals should consider getting a friend to join them. A reduced rate applies.

The following workshops are available:     Request pricing & details

JournalingJournaling: for people looking to deepen their life experiences by recording those things that are important to them.
Topics include

  • Why write: what journaling can do for you
  • Paper & pen or electronic or both
  • Organizing so you can find writings later
  • Incorporating art and illustrations
  • Resources


Thinking creativelyThinking Creatively: for people who want to learn to be creative AND for those who want to expand their creative lives.
Topics include

  • The creative impulse
  • Suspension of disbelief
  • Looking at the common in uncommon ways
  • Nothing happens in a vacuum


Personal SymbolsYour Personal Symbols: for people who want to tap into their higher selves.
Topics include

  • Finding and using your symbols
  • Finding meaning in coincidence (synchronicity)
  • Archetypes
  • Carl Jung and persona/anima/shadow
  • Resources


Dreams and dreamingDreams & Dreaming: for people who want to use their dreams to add dimensions to their waking experience.
Topics include

  • Remembering your dreams
  • But my dreams are so weird
  • What do they mean?
  • How can they help me?
  • Nightmares: how to work with them

Request pricing & details